Ethereum: ETH staking is coming soon to Coinbase

Coinbase has started to consider staking for Ethereum 2.0. But users who wish to staker ETH are invited to register on the waiting list …

Coinbase finally offers ETH staking?

The American exchange platform announced the news in a tweet that appeared yesterday . She explains that ETH staking rewards are “ coming soon“ to Coinbase, and users will be able to make annual earnings of up to 7.5%. Coinbase also explains that there is no minimum amount for staking, and that the service will offer a way to exchange its ETH stakes in the coming months.

No launch date is advanced, however, and users learn they will have to join a waiting list . It is also not known about the fees for using this service, but they will likely be high: the commission for staking XTZ is currently 25% on Coinbase.

Coinbase is falling behind

Coinbase is showing its usual caution – and its passion for waiting lists, which are customary on the site . The exchange differs from other large platforms like Kraken or Binance, which very early on offered ETH staking. For ETH staker on Coinbase , we will therefore have to wait a little longer …

At present, ETH is the fifth cryptocurrency in terms of staked value , even though users cannot withdraw their cryptocurrencies and have committed for a two-year term. It is therefore likely that ETH staking will gradually gain momentum, as the project progresses towards Ethereum 2.0. Especially since cryptocurrency has been showing great shape lately, currently trading above $ 1,800.