Wikipedia turns 20: the impact of the Internet encyclopedia on crypto

On January 15, Wikipedia celebrated 20 years of human collaboration.

Crypto donations do not appear to be a priority for the project.

Wikipedia and the crypto projects have had several disputes

Wikipedia, also known as the Free Internet Encyclopedia, turned 20 on January 15. What is the impact of the world’s most popular news source on the crypto industry?

Wikipedia was founded with the idea of creating a free and accurate source of information on absolutely everything. “[…] Written by volunteers, for everyone it seemed impossible,” says the anniversary celebration page .

Twenty years later, the site ranks thirteenth in the world in terms of traffic. The anniversary page states that Wikipedia “celebrates the power of human collaboration, creativity and curiosity”.

However, has the rise of Wikipedia had a real impact on the growing crypto industry?

Wikipedia – A History of Knowledge

Wikipedia today holds the largest collection of knowledge in history. Thanks to open collaboration between Internet users, it now has more than 280,000 people who modify it every month.

As the world’s largest encyclopedia, the site is expected to offer a great deal of information about the crypto industry. However, the history between the two has been marked by controversy.

The co-founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, recently accused the project to censor the document of the project as a plagiarism. Wikipedia has continuously removed the quote, which has sparked controversy between Hoskinson and the community, which has called the move commercial censorship.

Donate in Bitcoin if you wish

Wikipedia, however, was interested in Bitcoin in 2014. Already at the time, the website had added bitcoin as a method of accepting donations .

Although it has received a few donations in BTC , it appears that cryptocurrency has lost popularity as a donation method. Wikipedia still accepts cryptocurrency transfers, but this is not mentioned on the donations page.

The most popular methods now are PayPal and credit cards. Crypto-specific donations seem to be relegated to a separate page as a last resort. Through the use of BitPay, the crypto payment provider, users can donate with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethers, or XRP.